30 September 2009

reversible bag

I've had time to sew! Scott swam with the kids the weekend of my birthday while I made this reversible bag for Sarah. I love reversible, mainly because it means I don't have to finish the edges! One side is for dance, the other is for overnight.

She picked the fabrics from what I had. I said, "Are you sure?" As queen of all things un-matching, she answered firmly, "Yes".

The style is from the Japanese knot bag. (The long handle fits through the smaller handle to close. I started with an idea I found here, made it bigger and added pockets.) Her Nonnie embroidered her name on red fabric for the tags.

Pulling it all together was fun- using red stitching on pink fabric, applying part of an old ballerina t-shirt, and making piping with the unmatching fabric (around the bottom of the dance side).

One project down, and just in time for the first dance class!


Anonymous said...

Super cute Nikki. I saw her carrying it at dance. You could make some money doing that!

When 5 becomes 6 said...

I love it!