17 November 2011

our art room

Here is the room that keeps me busy! Doing Art with K-6 kids, also homeschoolers, once a week is so rewarding. This is year two, and I'm still amazed at how full-time teachers do it!

I learned so much about kids last year, even though I have 3 of my own. Especially:
kids are so great
they expect you to remember everything they tell you
seating charts are great
organization is key!
I was so happy to get this paint palette up above our bulletin board this year; I was inspired by one in a Pottery Barn catalog, but made it cheaply with cardboard, paper plates and paint. Inside the palette are the words "Red, Yellow, Blue: I Hear You". (Not my idea, but this art teacher's, and it works to get attention beautifully!)

The table organizers were my idea, and have been so helpful. Scott helped to make them. Tools are kept in order by the student (not me!) since each seat is designated a color and side to the organizer. I can now tell whose pencil is on the floor! It's the little things...

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