13 February 2012

more valentines

Sarah jumps right in to make her valentines.  She chose to make them attached to heart lollipops she found at the store.  After her design is made, I scan it in and print more.
Her box was something I was making from a cereal box.  I was just trying to come up with something for my students that might be easy to make in class. (not) So, after my construction of the heart was finished, she took over with purple tissue paper, purple glitter and purple ribbon for a strap. (This girl likes purple!)
Cole came up with his "mailbox" before his valentine.  He wanted a creature who could be fed valentines, so he went to work from our recycle bins.  (We keep many, many items from the recycling bin for when ideas strike.)
Mouth eating air head valentines. Who wouldn't like one?

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