15 August 2012

schoolwork table divider

Our table divider has been a huge improvement to our school time, especially in math.  I was inspired by this cozy homework corner.  Ours is made from a piece of black foam core in a tri-fold so two students can sit opposite each other. 

His side:
Her side:
Besides displaying multiplication tables, fraction charts and other references for schoolwork, the board holds supplies well.  Re-covered crayon and ink cartridge boxes hold pencils and a calculator.  An old marker package houses an abacus.  (We use RightStart Math and highly recommend it!)  Some boxes are still held with binder clips as I'm testing out the use of foam tape. So far so good.
Upcoming worksheets are below the abacus in a holder made from folder pockets- cut down and one turned upside-down.

Not so much fussing across the table, or getting discouraged when the other knows the answer first. Like fences make better neighbors, school work dividers make better students!


Melissa said...

This is a very neat idea....thanks for sharing :)


Gina said...

What a GREAT idea!!!