17 February 2009


Lapbooking is a fun way to learn more through a great book. (pictured is Cole's lapbook for The Glorious Flight by Alice and Martin Provensen completed Jan. 2008)

Just beginning homeschooling, I knew I needed to read to the kids more, but was unsure where to start. I thumbed through Five in a Row (by Jane Lambert) at a homeschool resale store and knew it was exactly what I needed. FIAR has led me to books, most available at our library, to introduce not only great literature, but also history, science, social studies, art and math in a fun way.

Through the use of homeschoolshare, I found online resources that lead us to making lapbooks. Also, I found this site very helpful for how to put a lapbook together.

Through most of last year, we had some fun with My Father's World curriculum. Recently, the kids asked to go back to lapbooking; so we are. We have an exciting time learning while gathered around the table making a resourceful mess! FIAR was the only "curriculum" we were using when Cole learned to read.

Any topic can be used for a lapbook. I intend to make one for other important stuff- like the Alphabet and Numbers (to remind my Kindergartener which way the 'b' goes : ) shown here, and another for Manners, as described here. Fun stuff.

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