21 February 2009

make fun of dinner: pizza

Stick your green beans upright in your bowl-formed rice pile.
Invite a friend.Make pizza in your own kitchen.I've been learning how to make pizza at home. Without a bread machine I wouldn't have even thought of it. I'd stick to delivery or buying crust from the grocery... (actually, we weren't eating much pizza last year anyway, with Sarah's eczema problems. Praise the Lord, she's healed.) Making my own bread intimidates me - - without my bread machine. The one I have came from a dear friend of my Mom who wasn't using it. (This is also where my pizza pans and toaster oven came from! God provides...) I like the Pizza Crust I recipe (following Marylyn's adjustments for making it in the bread machine) for making a 2-3 large crusts.Pizza Crust II recipe (following MrsSid's adjustments) makes a lot more dough for a variety of crust sizes/ thicknesses. I was able to get 3 large crusts and 6 small personal size pizzas for all the kids + cousins to make their own.Or save extra crusts for lunch another day. I like to use whole wheat flour for about a third of the flour called for in the recipe. I don't buy Pizza Sauce - - I make my own with a can of tomato sauce and a bit of oregano and garlic added. Or use Spaghetti Sauce like my sister-in-law. Meatballs (made ahead of time and frozen) are a nice quick addition. Of course, pepperoni is essential to some, veggies to another. That's what's fun about making it at home. Especially when Scott and I are having a date at home, without the kids.

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