19 February 2009

more lapbooking

(Five in a Row has lead us to great literature and provided a springboard for studying all sorts of topics. After daily reading the book and doing some book-related work, we pull it all together in a "lapbook" on the last day. The kids made these when they were 6 and 4.)

We took How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World (Marjorie Priceman) further by doing a lapbook on Apples. (There are MANY activities about apples on the internet. Homeschoolshare and Home School Mom are a good place to start.) Cole's on Apples:
with the center Apple Prints flap up:Sarah's with center Apple Prints flap up: Virgina Lee Burton's books became our favorites. Cole's lapbook on Katy and the Big Snow:Sarah's on Katy:The kids take pride in making their own books. Cole comes up with specific ideas on how he would like the cover to look. The majority of Sarah's lapbooks didn't have an illustrated front cover because, being four, she could only engage for so long. She wanted to be involved, so I tried to be sensitive to her temperament and notice when things stopped being fun. She got what she could done, and that was good enough.

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I'm coming straight to you when we officially start homeschooling Brylie!