14 February 2009

valentine mailbox

We made mailboxes for our Valentines at SonShine Club. Cole wanted a Spaceship (capri sun box):and Sarah ended up with a Purse (oatmeal container): The Purse idea came about on accident, after Cole contemplated making it a Rocket. (Once I suggested the straps, we thought it was becoming too "purse-like". Hey, great idea!) Sarah always jumps right in to decorating. I can't watch her work too closely, especially if I have an idea of the outcome in mind. But, it is hers, after all, and it should look like a 5 year old did it. (And this is the best thing about it... She has NO expectations to hinder her having a great time with art. I always love what she comes up with.) I added pom-poms to the bottom for stability and made sure the ribbon strap would be long enough... Shouldn't all Valentine mailboxes have a strap?

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